Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
MVMS Fall Sports to EBC Venues-Wednesdays BHS Knights Baseball Field
EBC Old East High Track Only
EBC Fast Pitch Field (old East High)
MVMS Girls Fast Pitch
MVMS Rainy Day BB & FP Practice East Bremerton Community Gym MVMS Girls Fast Pitch
MVMS Baseball Boys Varsity
MVMS Track Practice EBC Old East High Track Only MVMS Track Varsity
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
MVMS Open House MV Pod B Room 202
MV Pod B Room 201
MV Pod B Hallway
MV Pod B Room 107
MV Pod B Room 106
MV Pod B Room 105
MV Pod B Room 104
MV Pod B Room 103
MV Pod B Room 102
MV Pod B Room 101
MV Pod A200 Team Room
MV Pod A100 Team Room
MV Pod A-200 area
MV Pod A-100 area
MV Pod A Room 207
MV Pod A Room 206
MV Pod A Room 205
MV Pod A Room 204
MV Pod A Room 203
MV Pod A Room 202
MV Pod A Room 201
MV Pod A Room 107
MV Pod A Room 106
MV Pod A Room 105
MV Pod A Room 104
MV Pod A Room 103
MV Pod A Room 102
MV Pod A Room 101
MV Parking Lot
MV Locker Room Girls
MV Locker Room Boys
MV Library/Media
MV Library
MV Kitchen
MV Gymnasium Storage
MV Gym Small
MV Gym Main
MV Front Lawn
MV Foyer
MV Court (outdoors)
MV Conference Room
MV Commons/Cafeteria
MV Choral
MV Band
MV 6th hallway, 2nd fl.
MV 6th Room TBD
MV 6th Room 209
MV 6th Room 208
MV 6th Room 207
MV 6th Room 206
MV 6th Room 205
MV 6th Room 204
MV 6th Room 203
MV 6th Room 202
MV 6th Room 201
MV 6th Room 110
MV 6th Room 109
MV 6th Room 108
MV 6th Room 107
MV 6th Room 106
MV 6th Room 105
MV 6th Room 104
MV 6th Room 103
MV 6th Room 102
MV 6th Room 101
MV 6th Hallway, 1st fl
MV 6th Grade Commons / Gym
MV Track
MV Student Store
MV Staff Lounge
MV Portable 2
MV Pod C200 Team Room
MV Pod C100 Team Room
MV Pod C-200 area
MV Pod C-100 area
MV Pod C Room 207
MV Pod C Room 206
MV Pod C Room 205
MV Pod C Room 204
MV Pod C Room 203
MV Pod C Room 202
MV Pod C Room 201
MV Pod C Room 107
MV Pod C Room 106
MV Pod C Room 105
MV Pod C Room 104
MV Pod C Room 103
MV Pod C Room 102
MV Pod C Room 101
MV Pod B200 Team Room
MV Pod B100 Team Room
MV Pod B-200 area
MV Pod B-100 Area
MV Pod B Room 207
MV Pod B Room 206
MV Pod B Room 205
MV Pod B Room 204
MV Pod B Room 203
MVMS Staff
MVMS Parents
MVMS Grade 8
MVMS Grade 7
MVMS Grade 6
5:30 pm
11:30 pm