Upcoming Events Date & Time
Mon  05/29/2023  (All Day)
Mon  06/19/2023  (All Day)
Tue  07/04/2023  (All Day)
Mon  08/07/2023  (All Day)  to
Wed  08/09/2023  (All Day)
Mon  08/07/2023  (All Day)
Tue  08/08/2023  (All Day)
Wed  08/09/2023  (All Day)
Thu  08/10/2023  (All Day)
Fri  09/01/2023  (All Day)
Mon  09/04/2023  (All Day)
1st Quarter Ends Fri  10/06/2023  (All Day)
Indigenous Peoples' Day - DISTRICT CLOSED Mon  10/09/2023  (All Day)
NO STUDENTS Mon  10/09/2023  (All Day)
Parent/Teacher Conf. NO STUDENTS Tue  10/10/2023  (All Day)
Fall Break - NO STUDENTS Wed  10/11/2023  (All Day)
Parent/Teacher Conf. NO STUDENTS Wed  10/11/2023  (All Day)
Fall Break - NO STUDENTS Thu  10/12/2023  (All Day)  to
Fri  10/13/2023  (All Day)
2nd Quarter Begins Mon  10/16/2023  (All Day)
Veterans Day - DISTRICT CLOSED Fri  11/10/2023  (All Day)
Thanksgiving Vacation Mon  11/20/2023  (All Day)  to
Fri  11/24/2023  (All Day)
Thanksgiving - DISTRICT CLOSED Wed  11/22/2023  (All Day)  to
Fri  11/24/2023  (All Day)
2nd Quarter Ends - Early Dismissal Fri  12/15/2023  (All Day)
Winter Break Thu  12/21/2023  (All Day)  to
Wed  01/03/2024  (All Day)
Christmas - DISTRICT CLOSED Mon  12/25/2023  (All Day)
Christmas - DISTRICT CLOSED Tue  12/26/2023  (All Day)
New Year's Day - DISTRICT CLOSED Mon  01/01/2024  (All Day)
NO STUDENTS Thu  01/04/2024  (All Day)  to
Fri  01/05/2024  (All Day)
3rd Quarter Begins Mon  01/08/2024  (All Day)
Martin Luther King Jr Day - DISTRICT CLOSED Mon  01/15/2024  (All Day)
Presidents' Day - DISTRICT CLOSED Mon  02/19/2024  (All Day)
NO STUDENTS Tue  02/20/2024  (All Day)
Parent/Teacher Conf. NO STUDENTS Wed  02/21/2024  (All Day)
Parent/Teacher Conf. NO STUDENTS Thu  02/22/2024  (All Day)
NO STUDENTS Fri  02/23/2024  (All Day)
3rd Quarter Ends Fri  03/15/2024  (All Day)
4th Quarter Begins Mon  03/18/2024  (All Day)
Spring Break Mon  03/25/2024  (All Day)  to
Fri  03/29/2024  (All Day)
NO STUDENTS Fri  04/26/2024  (All Day)
NO STUDENTS Mon  04/29/2024  (All Day)
Last Day Of School Early - Dismissal Fri  05/24/2024  (All Day)
Memorial Day - DISTRICT CLOSED Mon  05/27/2024  (All Day)
Juneteenth - DISTRICT CLOSED Wed  06/19/2024  (All Day)